In Defense of the Girl’s Night Out

By Yasmin Mang

As we transition into life with children, the lazy weekend days and late nights out with friends seem a distant memory. But the need for female friendship doesn’t die out with this new life – even if time together is more difficult to find.

We still – or perhaps even more than ever – need our friends! And if you are anything like me, you need time with your girlfriends without the need to supervise your children, without your spouse – you need your girls nights out!

Us Moms are constantly putting others needs in front of our own – our children, our partner, our work… Don’t feel guilty for taking some time for yourself too.


Now, here are a few tips to help you find that much-needed time.

  1. Make Weeknight Plans

Sure, you won’t be able to party until 4 AM, but let’s get real – do you even want to?  A weeknight has the advantage of forcing the event to be low-key – perfect for that one-on-one catch-up you’ve been wanting to do.  Plan to leave after the kids have dinner and let your husband be in charge of bedtime for the night!

  1.  Save the Date

For a larger crowd, a Friday or Saturday night may be preferable.  Just plan far enough in advance so that you can work all the details out – babysitter or husband? Place (make a reservation!)? Time?

And this will also give you time to prepare your children for the upcoming event.  Remind them that mommy will be going to meet her friends, since she doesn’t get to see them at school or daycare like they do with their own friends!

  1.  Build up your babysitter list

OK, so we can’t always expect husbands to step up.  In those cases, a known babysitter is your best option.  If your kids are new to having babysitters, plan to have him or her over for an evening while you are there so that they can get to know your children and their routines.  And – this is key! – try to have more than one babysitter on rotation.  That way, you increase your chances of having someone who is available to watch the kids!

  1.  Make it special for the children too

pexels-photo-271436Do you usually let your children watch TV? Eat pizza?  Whatever it is that is a special treat – the nights you go out are perfect for these treat times.  Honestly, my kids get so excited when they know their babysitter is coming over, because it means that they also get to watch TV, have dessert, and help make homemade pizza!


  1.  Be flexible!

Child is sick and you have to cancel your night out? Don’t despair – there will be a next time, and eventually you will get your turn!


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