Find Your Mommy Hobby

By Laura Kohler

Sometimes, as moms, we’re so involved in doing things with our children, for our children, in being, well, moms, that we forget to do things by ourselves, for ourselves. We spend an afternoon baking pink cupcakes for a Kindergarten birthday party.

When we do art, it is toddler friendly finger-painting or play-doh sculpture. We watch our children do sports and cheer them on from the sidelines. We cook for our families, child and husband-friendly dishes.

Before we were moms, we had hobbies. What happened to them? What was the last hobby you enjoyed that you no longer have time for?

This month, we’re going to try to spend time on us. On what brings us joy, not what keeps our partner happy or our kids occupied. Pick up an old hobby and spend an hour one weekend really engaged in it, or find something new and dive right in. If you’re feeling shy, ask a friend to join in.


Here are some suggestions to get you started.

sewWant to try sewing? 

Roly Poly offers morning, afternoon and evening classes and most of the teachers speak some English. They’ll help you pick out a project and guide you through from start to finish.

Nähhausen offers beginners and specific design courses and has machines you can use to finish existing projects.



Munich offers a plethora of cooking courses all over the city. Kustermann, the kitchen specialty store by the Viktualienmarkt, offers a selection of different cooking and grilling courses.

Bilou offers specialty vegan and vegetarian courses, with an emphasis on organic ingredients.


What about sports?

pexels-photo-4If you’re a runner, ÜberMoms has a running group on Facebook that you can join. Consider signing up for one of the many local sporting events on the ÜberMoms team!





Try something new: Bouldering.

Boulderwelt is an amazing indoor bouldering (indoor rock climbing) center in Munich. They offer courses to get you started or improve your skills.


If you want to try something really different, why not look to Jochen Schweizer for inspiration? They offer many different types of experiences, from cooking classes to race car driving to skydiving. Let yourself be inspired to spend some time trying something new! (You don’t have to jump out of a plane first thing!)


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