Let’s Get This Party Started – Right!

By Ceri Temple

Get active & get more out of 2017!

With the start of a new year we are full of new goals and great intentions of how we are going to improve our well-being. Yet as the pace of everyday life picks up again after the holidays, it is all too easy to let these new intentions slip. From experience those who are most successful at sustaining their resolutions and achieving their goals, have a deep understanding of the reason why they are choosing every day to get up and go for a run or to resist extra cream on their hot chocolate.

We all know that physical fitness is important for our health in the long-term for many reasons, but sometimes that just isn’t enough- I am going to share with you why I thrive on sport and why I believe getting active is going to add more value to your 2017!

  • Self-discovery – any kind of sport requires physical and mental challenge and you determine the level. As you challenge yourself, you break through barriers and limiting beliefs, naturally building up self-confidence along the way. Soon you realise that there will be no stopping you!
  • Motivating – It will empower you to set and stick to other personal goals- from improving your diet, lifestyle and challenging yourself to go to new levels or try out new skills.
  • Regenerating – Undertaking any form of physical exercise is a huge stress-release, as you have to focus on the skills involved, taking time-out and giving you space to think for yourself, about yourself and put things into (a new) perspective.
  • Social – Meet and connect with like-minded individuals – from locker rooms to ski lifts, new and long-lasting friendships are made.
  • Nourishing & self-fulfilling – as you exercise, your body releases hormones (endorphins) which are natural mood enhancers, making you feel great! Hold on to that feeling and you will flourish as you get into the cycle of regular fitness activity.


logo-emailWith a passion for adventure, the great outdoors, travel and education, Ceri has built her career across all of these fields. Following several years in the ski industry, Ceri trained as a UK qualified teacher, teaching foreign languages and outdoor education. With a desire to share her love of outdoor sports and adventure in nature, Ceri started her own business in 2012. Two years ago she launched www.girlsski2.com to inspire a love of outdoor and alpine adventure amongst women: building confidence and friendship, fostering personal growth and well-being.

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