A note from the editor

By Jordan Sapir

As ironic as it may seem, expats are synonymous with retreating home for the holidays. Some fail to realise that although many expats are partnered with other expats, we’re not all in a mutually expatriate family. For those of us, myself included who are in relationships with Germans and other nationalities, inevitably means — staying in our home away from home for the holidays. Continue reading “A note from the editor”

Keep Calm and Ski with the Kids

By Ceri Temple

Even if you were an avid skier before having kids and are dying to get back to the slopes to share the winter love with your little ones, do the logistics of a ski day suddenly become ten-times as complicated as it previously was and you start to question if this is something you did for pleasure? Continue reading “Keep Calm and Ski with the Kids”

9 Ways your baby helps you during birth

By Carolyn Hecken

Are you really all that surprised?! Did you really think you were doing all that work by yourself?
I know, in many run-of-the-mill childbirth preparation classes or books, your baby’s role as an active participant during labor and birth unjustly receives little to no recognition for her exceptional contributions. Continue reading “9 Ways your baby helps you during birth”

Christmas Glamour in 3 Minutes using only 3 products

By Noleen Sliney

Just because you’ve got a million and two things to do this holiday season, it doesn’t mean you still can’t take some time for yourself to look and feel fabulous. These 3 tips are so easy and they less than 3 minutes to do. And in fact, these tips can be also be incorporated into your everyday routine going forward. So let’s get started.

Continue reading “Christmas Glamour in 3 Minutes using only 3 products”