Toddler Approved: Easy-peasy Halloween Activities

By Davonne Schäfer

Between dressing up, trick-or-treating and fun Halloween activities, Halloween time was always a great time during my childhood. And I’m excited to share the same excitement with my son. Below are three easy and fun activities that I recently did with him.

1. Toilet Paper Mummies

1_toilet-paper-mummy-items 2_toilet-paper-mummy-final

Toilet paper mummies are fun and easy-to-do Halloween activities. Plus, most of the items you need to make them, you probably have at home already!

Below are the items you’ll need for your mummies:
• Toilet paper rolls
• White gauze
• Googly eyes
• Glue

We tore the gauze into long strips to cover the toilet paper rolls. Wrap the gauze around the toilet paper roll, gluing when needed to secure the gauze in place. Glue on the googly eyes – and VOILA!


2. Edible Sensory Eyeballs

C enjoying his sensory eyeballs
Gelatin divided into plastic ball molds, before being refrigerated
Ingredients for sensory eyeballs

These sensory eyeballs were a hit in my house! C loved smooshing them between his hands and of course – eating them!

Below are the items you’ll need:
• 1 package gelatin
• Food coloring
• Raisins
• Cooking oil
• Plastic balls or Easter eggs
• Empty egg crate (to hold eyeballs while they set)

1. Arrange your plastic balls or Easter eggs in the egg carton and add one raisin to each mold.
2. Make the gelatin according to the package directions. Once the gelatin is dissolved into the water, divide it into two bowls.
3. Add your food coloring to each bowl. We made green and orange eyeballs, however, if you want to include additional colors, then include that number of bowls.
4. Coat each mold with a bit of cooking oil. This will help in the removal process. Carefully pour the gelatin into each mold. (We used a serving spoon for this part.)
5. Refrigerate until the gelatin sets (about 2 hours) and then ENJOY!

Note: These eyeballs are for sensory play and taste bland due to the lack of sugar in the unflavored gelatin. However, they are safe to eat. You can also use Jello (Götterspeise), but since it has sugar it will be stickier to clean up.


3. Mummy Dogs

As a kid, we called these pigs and blankets. But when Halloween came around, we wrapped the dough differently and called the same food by a different name – mummy dogs!

Below are the items you’ll need:
• Hot dogs/Wurst (we used turkey wurst)
• 1 package crescent rolls or puff pastry

Mummy dog ingredients
Cut narrow strips with a pizza cutter

1. Set your oven at 180°C

2. Roll out your dough and use a pizza cutter to cut narrow strips

3. Take your hot dogs and cut each side to create arms and legs

4. Wrap the dough around your hot dog to resemble a mummy

Mummy dogs before going into the oven

5. Bake your mummy dogs on a greased baking sheet at 180°C for 15-20 minutes

You can create a fun scene with your mummy dog

If you want to go the extra mile, create a fun scene to make meal time fun for your kids. I used green beans to create grass and cheese to create a moon. I don’t really think C enjoyed the scenery as much as me though…















Do you have any favorite Halloween activities from your childhood?







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