From the editor

By Jordan Sapir

With Wiesn right around the corner, the whole city is Oktoberfest crazy! That leaves little or no time to explain the history of the Bavarian tradition for novices.
In this month’s newsletter we will explore, the history of Wiesn, those oh so sweet gingerbread hearts and of course the Dirndl.

The importance of cultural acceptance and assimilation is an interesting topic during this type of traditional event.  It may seem like a time for gallivanting around, yet getting to know and understand the cultural significance of traditional dress and celebrations are an essential part of being respectful and knowledgeable in your new home.

Not to mention, Germans will be quite impressed when you look up out of your maß and spit some knowledge.

Be careful during your celebrations, drink a Maß then a water, don’t bring anything to the tents that can’t be lost, damaged or stolen. Always take a partner to the loo and keep your cash in different locations.

Most importantly have fun!

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