Dirndl Dos and Don’ts

By Georgia Chapman

It’s that time of year again – Oktoberfest is days away and the Dirndl will be making its annual appearance all over the city. You will see short ones, long ones, medium-length ones, low cut, high cut – you name it. But despite the variations on style, there are a few rules one should know about before donning this traditional attire.

  1. Make sure you wear the correct ensemble. Dirndl, apron, blouse. Unless your look is intended to be less traditional and more provocative, then the blouse is an important part of the outfit. Same goes for the apron – for a perfect look this should be 2-3cm shorter than the dress.
  2. Get the colour right. You can find almost any colour and print nowadays, just make sure that the fabric suits you and doesn’t make you look like a waitress, otherwise you will be getting requests for Ein Mass Bier bitte from all directions.
  3. Wear pretty shoes. Wearing your trusted Converse trainers with a pretty Dirndl may seem like a good idea at the time, but you will be much better off wearing a low heel, or ballet pumps. If you are feeling brave, then a beautiful pair of high heels can make your outfit shine.
  4. necklace2Accessorize! Get yourself a cute pendant necklace, either a heart, or an Edelweiss flower, or a cute little scarf. Simple bracelets can also complete the look.

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  5. Make sure you have a cute bag that matches your Dirndl. You won’t need much with you at the Wiesn, so a small bag big enough to carry your phone, keys, wallet, lipstick and other small paraphernalia is not only practical, but part of the traditional outfit. You can get cute heart-shaped bags that look like Lebkuchen hearts, or many other bags that complete your outfit.
  6. Get those boobies out! If you can’t have a cleavage this time of year, then when can you? Dirndls are exceptionally flattering, especially if you are slightly larger (which frankly most of us are vs before kids) and have bigger boobs. Wear your Dirndl with pride and show off your assets!
  7. Tie your apron correctly. Last but not least, this is probably the most important aspect of wearing a Dirndl. Did you know that depending on how you tie your apron, people can tell your marital status? Make sure you are not sending someone the wrong signal by learning the rules on which side your apron is tied on:
    a. Left: Single
    b. Right: Taken
    c. Middle front: Traditionally this meant you were a virgin, but nowadays it says that a girl does not want to divulge whether she is in a relationship or looking for someone
    d. Middle back: Widowed or waitress (don’t assume that your waitress is a widow though)
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Most importantly of all though is to have fun!

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