How to Prepare Your Child (& Yourself) for Krippe

By Ginny Krauss |

When you become a mother, there are many things that no one tells you about or prepares you for. Most things we learn along the way. Sending your child to Krippe or Kita for the first time can be hard. We often think about how it will affect them, their schedule, their routine. We worry more about how they may feel, that often we don’t stop to think about how the whole experience might make us feel. Especially as an Expat Mom, you may not know quite what to expect placing your child in the care of others in another country.

Today, I am sharing tips on how to prepare your child, as well as how to prepare yourself, for the first transition into Krippe.

1. Plan Ahead

I find that having a plan is the best way to make yourself feel prepared and at ease for what’s to come. Typically, you will have a meeting with the Director of your child’s Krippe/Kita. Be sure to use this time to ask about their daily routine. How does their day match with the current routine of your child? Think about what the hardest points might be for your child.

2. Start the Transition

Depending on the age of your child, you may be at one nap or two naps. Taking into account the information you learned from your meeting, try to use the weeks prior to starting Krippe to work with your child at home to get them into their new routine that they may be experiencing at school. This will help your child to not be totally shocked with a new place, new people + a new routine. Everything can be quite overwhelming for a little one. Try adjusting their nap & eating times to what they will experience at school prior to the first day.

3. Keep an Open Mind (& an Open Heart)

Taking your child to a new place that you will potentially be leaving them for many hours each day, every week can be tough. Not only for your little one, but on yourself as well. It’s important to be receptive to the staff and other parents if starting with others. Try not to “judge” every little thing that you feel might go against what you and your child knows as being best for them. Instead, keep an open mind and an open heart. This will ease the transition for you both, as well as the care givers.

4. Trust

It’s never easy to trust someone else with your child. You’ve just spent every single day of their life with them, caring for them so well. Realizing that no one will ever care for your child as much as you do is tough. But knowing that no one can fill your shoes or be the role of their mother is important too. Your child needs many relationships in life, and having a TRUSTING teacher/child relationship is just as important as having a mother/child relationship as well.

With these tips, I hope that you will be able to embrace this “new normal” and enjoy knowing that your child will be playing with others, and growing their communication skills. Life is full of new journeys and the first weeks of Krippe/Kita is just one of many that you & your child will experience together.


Ginny Krauss is a branding and marketing strategist for creative entrepreneurs. With a background in marketing and extensive knowledge of the wedding industry, she helps creatives develop strategies that embody their heart, and in turn, build brands that their dream clients line up for.
Ginny is known for her sweet, life-­giving spirit and her record-­setting success for helping brands stand out confidently and with purpose. Love carried her across oceans, and she now lives in Munich, Germany, with her husband and one year old son.



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