Our Mission Statement

Über Moms, is dedicated to a group of International women: who live in Munich, thrive to raise happy healthy children, support other mothers and stay fit.

This website is a place where we can share ideas, recipes, tips and support other moms in our group.

This is a safe place; free of judgement or criticism.

We are all moms trying to keep it together, keep it right keep it tight and keep on breaking glass ceilings.

What is an ÜBER MOM?

An ÜBER MOM is woman who is becoming a mother, is a new mother or a mother to grown children. An ÜBER MOM knows what she wants and how to get it. An ÜBER MOM goes above and beyond the call of duty, while still making time for her own growth and development. ÜBER MOMS like to stay in fashion, in shape and in a good mood. She’s a philanthropist, a working mom, a mom who works at home or an entrepreneur.

ÜBER MOMS is a sisterhood of women who support each other through the peaks and valleys of motherhood.

We live in a foreign land, but with the help of other moms, we feel right at home.

Use this website to post interesting articles about health, beauty, fashion or fitness. Promote your business or event and meet local moms from your area. This is our group. Feel free to ask questions, post and organise events. You can even start a file for useful information like, English Speaking Hairdressers in Munich or The best Playgrounds.

We have a special group for runners, a monthly fitness event and newsletter; even a committee that decides it all.

We’re not Superior to other moms. We’re just Extraordinary moms who want to eat right, stay fit, raise happy kids and have a bit of fun on the way.

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