Bags of fun

By Georgia Chapman

Have you ever wondered why German children carry a rather strange cone-shaped object on their first day of school? This object looks a little like an upside down version of the Hennin cone worn by noble women in the Middle Ages. Are these rather large cones actually princess hats used the wrong way? No, of course not: it’s a school cone! Continue reading “Bags of fun”

Our Mission Statement

Über Moms, is dedicated to a group of International women: who live in Munich, thrive to raise happy healthy children, support other mothers and stay fit. This website is a place where we can share ideas, recipes, tips and support other moms in our group. This is a safe place; free of judgement or criticism. We are all moms trying to keep it together, keep it right keep it tight and keep on breaking glass ceilings. What is an ÜBER MOM? An ÜBER MOM is woman who is becoming a mother, is a new mother or a mother to grown children. … Continue reading Our Mission Statement