Your Essential Summer Oils

By Julie Leonard

Just as I like to change my wardrobe as the weather gets warmer, I like to change my essential oils too. As the sun comes out I enjoy lighter, fresher aromas. However, its not just about creating a nice ambiance, these wonderful little oils can help with a variety of summer issues. Here’s my guide to Your Summer Essential Oils.

Summer Scents

In summer I like the lighter aromas of floral and citrus oils such as Bergamot, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lime, Lemon, Lemongrass, Neroli and Mandarin. Just add a few drops to an oil burner for a light, fresh and uplifting fragrance.


If like me you are a hayfever sufferer, then Eucalyptus oil is a summer essential. I use it in my Hayfever Balm which I just couldn’t be without. It’s simple but effective against sneezing, sinusitis, and headaches. Or a couple of drops mixed in some sweet almond oil and rubbed under your nose and over your sinuses will also help those symptoms.

Keeping Cool

I come from Scotland so  me and my skin aren’t used to the summer temperatures here in Munich! Peppermint essential oil is wonderfully cooling on those hot summer days. Simply mix a few drops in some distilled water, put in to a spray bottle and mist over your face and body. Note: oil and water does not stay mixed so always shake before each use.

Summer Skin

It’s easy to get too much sun sometimes and so Lavender and Chamomile essential oils will soothe any hot skin or sunburn. Add a few drops of both to some fragrance free lotion (15 drops in total to 50mls lotion) and apply. Instantly calms and smells beautiful.

Insect Repellent

As soon as the sun comes out, so do those pesky bugs. Citronella is a cheap and effective insect repellent. Add some to an oil burner to keep those insects away. Also Lemon Eucalyptus has been proven to be effective too and is recommended by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a natural bio-pesticide repellent.

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Insect Bites

For bites and stings apply Lavender or Tea Tree to reduce pain, swelling and redness.

Hair and Lips

I love being out in the sun but it can take its toll on our hair and lips, combined with the hard water here in Munich,  leaving them dry and thirsty.   Anyone who knows me knows that I love Lavender essential oil. Basically you can use it for anything! And it smells amazing too! I combine a few drops with some raw organic coconut oil and put it in the ends of my hair overnight for  a deep condition. And I make my own natural moisturising lavender lip balm too.


There is no doubt that the sun gives us more energy and we feel happier. But the summer holidays can also be stressful especially if you have little ones to entertain for many weeks. Again Lavender is  a beautiful and inexpensive oil, Frankincense too is  a great one to aid relaxation and calm the mind. Combine it with some Sweet Orange for a lovely relaxing blend.


Jetting off on holiday is an exciting adventure but for many the fear of flying causes great anxiety. A couple of drops of Frankincense oil on a tissue that you can inhale will calm your mind and soothe your stress.

If you are just starting out with essential oils, here are my Top 3 Summer Oils for you. I always carry a little travel set of Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. With those 3 you can treat anything that comes up and they are inexpensive and easy to find.

And just a note about oil safety- avoid putting citrus essential oils on your skin before sunbathing. They can often react in the sun cause skin sensitivities.


Have a Happy Summer!


Julie Leonard is a Life Coach, Aromatherapist, Seminar Facilitator and Speaker with over 25 years of experience in Psychology, Health and Coaching. She is from Scotland and is currently based in Munich. Her passion is happiness and supporting women all over the world to transform themselves and their lives in order to live to their full potential and happiness. Check out her business here.

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