Letter from the editor

By Jordan Sapir

After weeks of rain, we’re finally starting to see the begins of what seems like a German Summer.
Munich is a great Bavarian city with lots to explore and an array of child-friendly free activities. Georgia Chapman did all the research for you busy moms. Read in this month’s newsletter where to save a buck this summer while keeping the little ones happy.
Life coach Julie Leonard gives us the essential list of Essential Oils to use once the sun makes its candid appearance, while Jenny Hoff shares her experience at the Berry Good Beeren Cafe.
Doula Carolyn Hecken reminds us how to keep babies hydrated during a hot spell, while Laura Kohler tells us everything we wanted to know about the incredible edible egg.
The array of beer gardens, parks and playgrounds in this city is immense. Grab your picnic basket, sunscreen and the little nuggets and head out. Summer in Germany comes with a price — a long tumultuous winter ahead.
There are vast lakes in this region, mountains to hike and beautiful northern Italy in plain sight.

Enjoy the summer, moms!

Thanks for contributing to this great support group Über Moms.

Jordan Sapir

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