An Eggscellent Eggspose: Eggs Eggsplained

By Laura Kohler

Open any carton of eggs in Germany and you’ll find yourself faced with the reality of where eggs come from: chicken butts. Often dotted with feathers or droppings, the eggs are a far cry from their glistening white counterparts that fill American supermarket coolers. But there’s a good reason for this! Continue reading “An Eggscellent Eggspose: Eggs Eggsplained”

Your Essential Summer Oils

By Julie Leonard

Just as I like to change my wardrobe as the weather gets warmer, I like to change my essential oils too. As the sun comes out I enjoy lighter, fresher aromas. However, its not just about creating a nice ambiance, these wonderful little oils can help with a variety of summer issues. Here’s my guide to Your Summer Essential Oils. Continue reading “Your Essential Summer Oils”

A Day in the Munich Life: Jenny Hoff

By Jenny Hoff

Like many people, I used to while away my free days in Munich walking along the picturesque streets of the historical part of the city, popping in to a store here and there to try on something that I had spotted in the window, and then meeting with friends at a café to enjoy a long, leisurely coffee before heading to a nearby restaurant for an even more leisurely lunch.

Continue reading “A Day in the Munich Life: Jenny Hoff”