Welcome to the Über Moms Monthly Newsletter

A large part of being a new mom is adjustment — change in schedule, routine, roles.  As women, we’re expected to enjoy these changes and embrace our new-found roles as mothers. The reality is, we do embrace becoming mothers, but don’t necessarily have to love the conundrum that comes with it. That’s where our social ties become of the utmost importance, especially as expats.

Being a mother in a foreign country with very little support can be depleting. The majority of us have partners with high-demanding jobs, who are astray for the grunt of the labor. The clash of cultures in our family relationships, friendships and daily life can be overwhelming. Even if you are here as I am by choice, you, as well as I, find having children with no real support system a daily struggle.

My intent of creating this support group for expat moms is just that. We need support. We need a network of successful, career driven home-makers who are striving for the auspicious future they dreamed of pre-motherhood.

You may not plan on staying overseas. You may have been here for the last 20 years. You may in fact find it unnecessary to build relationships with expats and prefer to assimilate with locals. The one thing that we can all agree on is that, being a mother is a tough job. We want to maintain healthy lifestyles, continue to learn, grow, all the while raising a healthy happy family. What can we all agree on that we need to do so?


Here it is. This is our network.This newsletter is our voice. Here is our forum to ask questions, vocalize our feelings, maybe even just use our skills while in the intertwine of career and motherhood.

It may seem minute in retrospect, but this is what I have had the time and mental capacity to create between pregnancy and birth. I cherish the bonds that I have formed and the commitments that I have made. I value the resources and the plethora of knowledge in one community. I am hopeful for the lives this group has helped change and the moms we are supporting.

Please join us in our mission. Contribute to the newsletter, join our club, committee, events and dedicate yourself to being more than just a mom.


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